When I started eStudio Design in the late 90's, I knew that I was beginning a journey with an unsure destination. The Internet was still fairly new to most people then, and everyone and their uncle was a self-proclaimed 'web designer'. At the time, I was working as technical support for an ISP in Massachusetts called 'the spa'. The job of graphic/web designer sort of fell into my lap, and I was instantly captivated by the power of websites and the potential for what they could do.

Always interested in the arts and esthetics, it was easy for me to get a handle on the graphical end of web design. The technical part came more slowly, as HTML and other languages evolved and expanded. In the late 90's, websites were usually either nice to look at without much usability, or they were full of information but unattractive. My hope was to develop my skills to create a clean marriage between the two to create attractive, functional websites that were beneficial to my customers.

After leaving 'the spa' I returned to my home town of Sturgis, Michigan -- an area which I felt needed a company just like mine. By offering efficient, affordable design to local businesses coupled with a sense of "down to earth" relations, my company quickly grew.

In my first two years, I had landed jobs for the City of Sturgis, the Sturgis Chamber and the Sturgis Hospital. Over the next 4 years, my customers have been spread all over the US, from the East coast to California, finding my company either through referrals or my own online marketing. Each website I've designed has been an invaluable learning experience for me -- not only by learning how to communicate with customers to understand their needs, but also to realize the expectations and limitations of what the web will do for them. This has provided me the ability to speak honestly and openly with my customers about their website development as well as to provide options that will work specifically for their business.

I feel very fortunate to work every day at a job that I love, and that I've been successful at creating a national design company that still has small town business ethics. I look forward to continuing to work with my valued customers as well as the challenges that future projects will bring.

~ Amy R. Frost, President

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